Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun times ahead!

Dear Paisley,

It's been one amazing month! You are adjusting very well to having Swayze around, even though you have your moments of wanting me all to yourself. When she first got here, Swayze looked a LOT like you. She still does, but she's starting to get her own look and personality!

Swayze is such a good baby....however, she still has her days and nights a little backwards! We've been dealing with a little bit of colic these past few weeks, and hopefully have it calmed down a little.

Swayze just a couple of days old...

You also got to go to your first Memphis Redbirds game....

I know, I know, but I HAD to!

You love your little sister! <3

I just love our cute little family and can't wait until Swayze is up playing around with you, fighting over high heels with you, sharing makeup and doing hair with you. We've got fun times ahead! :)

Until then,