Friday, October 23, 2009

Hi. I'm Samantha, and that is Paisley. She is our one and only, spoiled rotten, heart-stealing, perfect little girl. She was born March 4, 2009 and has been non-stop ever since! I created this blog to not only share pictures and milestones with our friends and family, but to have something that she could look at as she grows up and see just how fun the smallest pieces of life really are. I just hope I can catch them before they go by too fast!!!

Anywho, this is our cute little family. Me, our Maltese-Lexie, my husband-Jeff, and Paisley. As you can tell, she looks like her daddy! I'm just getting started on here, but I hope to have daily posts of our life's journey, so STAY TUNED! :)
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