Friday, October 30, 2009

We're back....

Happy Friday! After a bout with the stomach bug trailing through the family, our household is finally back to normal, well sort of. We've Lysol-ed, Clorox-ed, washed with soap and hot water everything Jeff and I have touched, all to keep Paisley from getting this crud. We've tried to keep it contained to the bedroom, so the healthy one gets the luxurious couch with the baby blanket! Good thing we're all better! I think Paisley is glad to have both of us back to entertain her!

Yesterday, Paisley had her Halloween party at daycare. It was our job to bring cookies, so since we'd been out of commission for a bit, we hit Wal-Mart on the way. Two boxes of cookies and a big orange bow later, we were ready to party! Unfortunately for Paisley, she got to indulge in the goodness of carrots and apples rather than the sugary cookies that the kids with teeth got to eat. Speaking of teeth, Paisley is almost eight months old (Nov. 4th), has been doing the whole drooling constantly thing for about five months, and we still don't have a tooth. I'm guessing we're going to wake up one day and she'll have a full "grill" in her mouth!

Anyway, the party must have been a blast because Paisley was worn out! She fell asleep at 8:00, slept through a diaper change at 10:00, and somewhere in between sucked down a bottle in her sleep. She definitely gets the love of sleep honestly!
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