Monday, June 14, 2010

Back in the Groove

Dear Paisley,
I have been a terrible blogger here lately, but I'm doing well to be sane at this point. Your daddy and I both deciding to go back to school at the same time was definitely something we should have thought more about. These last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of computers, paper, essays, and teacher work samples. I know it will be all worth it in the end....if we can just make it to the end!

This past weekend I played tennis down on the coast and you got to stay with Nana and Pappy. You've started saying so many new things and your cute little personality is really starting to develop. However, you have started this little (more like HUGE) fit throwing thing when you get sleepy.....not some of you best moments. You started saying "I Love You" and "Laylee" (that's Paisley in your language), and when you want to draw you grab the paper and pencil and say "ABC". So cute! I'm hoping to get some pictures loaded up tonight when I get done with my homework...but I am trying to avoid another 1:30 am bedtime, so we'll see.

Hope you're having a great day at daycare! Later Tater!
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