Friday, November 19, 2010

Big Sister to a Little....

Dear Paisley, you're going to have a little sister!  You're daddy and I are soooo excited!!!
We found out yesterday, and you got to go with us to watch your baby sister on "TV".  It was so cute how you just stared at the monitor, and the tech even gave you your own picture of your sister.  You carried it around everywhere last night until you couldn't even see what was in the picture.  It was so crinkled up, but you kept saying "my picture" or "my sister".
Her name is going to be
It's so cute how you say her name as Fayze Kate.  I can already tell y'all are going to be good friends! (Once you learn to share a bit better!)
Daddy's going to have his hands full with a house full of girls!  I guess we'll have to get him a male dog in the mean time to help balance out some of us.  I can't wait to dress you and Swayze up alike for church and other outings.  Two girls, two weddings, and two girls to grow up together and be best friends.  I can't wait!!!  :)
(I hope the pictures I attached came through.....)
XOXO, Mama
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